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Hello, and thank you for visiting my site!

So, now that you are here, what can you expect on this site? Well, in the first instance it serves as an online portfolio for some of my computer games artwork, and secondly it has now become a place where I'm bringing together everything else that I am doing creatively; be it art, music, or writing. My interests cover a lot of areas, and I am constantly creating things.

My professional experience in computer games is fairly broad, but perhaps leans the most towards environment design, especially telling stories within the levels/ worlds I have created (or helped to create). More recently this has also grown to include more graphic design, and also UI design, (and various other bits and pieces). The quick-links on the left will take you to the specific areas, however you can also view the work by project by following the Games CV link above.

Music is another strong interest of mine, which up to now has been separated away from my art work. I have decided now to also include it as it is another strong passion of mine, and there is a reasonable body of work now too! ...And in the not too distant future I will also begin to include some of my written work.