Soundtrack Work

Frozen food, John Carpenter & Martial Arts...

I have collaborated with Film Maker Charles Rawlins on two of his projects, producing several musical cues for use within his films. The first collaboration was in 2000-01, when I produced the soundtrack to his instructional Martial Arts DVD "Goshinkwai".

The second project "Zero Hours", is a short live action film about a down trodden worker in a frozen food factory. Initially, the music went in the direction of being a John Carpenter tribute, since visually the central sequence takes place in a dark freezer. Charlie wanted to create an aesthetic similar to John Carpenter's "The Thing", so taking the music in this direction seemed to fit.

Later, as the film took shape, the music took on a different quality. We kept "The Thing" connotation with the freezer sequence, though more orchestral and less electronic in style. The rest of the music had a slight jazz/ funk quality to it, similar to 60's spy music, and the use of sounds from the Mellotron gave the music a subtle melancholic quality.