Non Dreamers

Non Dreamers

I have always enjoyed experimenting with sound, and more often than not this has tended to take the music into darker, moodier and more challenging territory. Being a fan of all things "Warp Records" related, this kind of music went into the direction of IDM, Glitch, or "Brain Dance", though its difficult to really categorise into these genre's specifically.


Stylistically it is somewhat cinematic, with variations of sonic soundscapes, and/ or rhythmic synthesiser constructs. The beat work is mostly experimental, often twisted, with hints of electro emphasising the machine aesthetic underlying everything. Some tracks are discordant and ominous, some utilise melodic elements, though all exist within the darker sphere.

Up until around 2014, this material was included under the S. A. Fred banner, but since then resides under the new pseudonym of "Non Dreamers". This name is inspired by a quote from William Burroughs' book "The Naked Lunch". 

"Brehaen" (above) was a track I created specifically for the "Touched 3" compilation in 2016. The album was created to raise money for the Macmillan Cancer Support Charity, and featured many artists from Soundcloud alongside legendary artists from the electronic music scene; people like "Autechre", "Bola", "FSOL", and "Plaid", to name but a few!

The other two tracks "Todash Space" and "Joker Tram" are further examples of the style aesthetic I have chosen to follow with this project.