Highlander Roman Cliff Edge Arena
Highlander Troy Seige
Highlander Troy Trojan Horse
Highlander Troy Seige 02
Highlander Viking Mountain Village
Highlander Viking Coastal Village
Highlander WW2 Manila Station
Highlander WW2 Manila Station (Alt)
Highlander Concept Manila Beach
Highlander WW2 Manila Beach Assault
Highlander Concept Manila City
Highlander Concept Manila Station
Highlander Future Warrior 3
Highlander Future Warrior 2
Highlander Prince Vlad 02
Highlander Prince Vlad 03
Highlander Prince Vlad 01


Between the autumn of 2008 and subsequent winter of 2009 I spent 6 months developing a range of concepts and mock ups for Eidos. The examples here are for a range of environments and characters for “Highlander”. The environments feature a range of varied locations from around the world at different key points in historical time. Shown here: a Roman Gladiator ring, the battlefields at the siege of Troy, a range of destroyed urban environments representing WW2 Manilla.

The character sketches show several of the immortal warriors, again in different time periods.