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Primarily I am a visual artist. However somewhere along the line I also got interested in creating music. Music used to be a soundtrack for my drawing exploits when I was younger, artists like Vangelis, Tangerine Dream and Jean Michel Jarre would soundtrack the many exercise books I would fill up with crude comic strip drawings!

This story telling aspect is probably what drew me towards music, as creating sounds and music is also a way of telling a story, or taking the listener on a little journey. Its also a journey in the creation, every track taking me somewhere new, (and hopefully the listener too!). 

I am interested in a lot of music, both as a listener and a creator. Despite a very strong admiration for electronic greats like the aforementioned Vangelis & Tangerine Dream, my musical taste covers a wide spectrum. From a creation stand point I initiated several projects that filter my various interests into more specific directions. All this music is currently available to stream on Soundcloud (a selection of which you can find above), and can also be purchased via Bandcamp (should you wish to support my humble cause!).

The links on the left go into more detail about these specific projects.