UI Start Menu Mockup (Alternative)
UI Start Menu Mockup
UI Cutout Menu Title Screen
UI Cutout Menu Game Mode
Loading Screen Concept
Loading Screen Concept (Alternative_
Loading Screen Tutorial Collapsed
Tomb Platformer Blocks Default
Mummy Toilet Roll Holder Concept
Treasure Concept
Treasure Concept (Alternative)
Mummy Crypt Concept
Pyramid Raid


Pyramid Raid was a 3D platformer game developed by Travian Games in Munich.

As an external Manager/ Art Director I coordinated with Travian in Munich & managed an external art team based in the UK, I also provided production support with 3D assets and UI design.

One of the key challenges with the 3D assets was the limitation of no real-time lighting. With the game targeted mainly at mobile platforms this was a significant performance hit.

A system for the in game building blocks and traps was needed that utilized baked in lighting. These blocks also needed to be visually consistent as interchangeable modular assets. With the default blocks developed first, a system evolved using 12 individual block models; 4 path variants, and 8 broken pieces for ceilings and edge variation. This became the template for the remaining block sets, Oil, Ice, Crumbly, and Tar, and the lighting setup was carried over to the traps.

For the UI, we started from a base of cartoon quirkiness, and from there a style evolved using silhouettes as cut out shapes that could be animated to move on and off screen as the UI screens changed. This in turn suggested interchangeable stage scenery which lent itself to a noir style suggestion of lighting to focus on the areas of interest. This worked well with the Egyptian theme as it harked back to pulp adventure stories of the 30’s & 40’s through books, comics and film. This informed the typography, whereby main headings were overtly bold cartoon script with sub headings hinting at an Art Deco style.