Funky UI Mock Up For Pyramid Raid

Back in the early part of the art development for Pyramid Raid we (myself & Maff Evans) spent quite a bit of time trying out different things for the UI. We really liked the idea of the game's inherent funkiness, which stemmed from the character design, so we based the UI design on this principle. Additionally as we came up with ideas we started playing around with the whole classic adventurer thing, a bit like Indiana Jones and such like (pulp adventurer comics from the 30's), so the style inherited some Art Deco sensibilities, as well as a hint of 30's noir cinema.

I did this mock up in After Effects to get across a sense of how the screen elements would transition, so the concept of changing stage scenery came about, (cut out shapes moving).

It is also cut together with a slightly mental soundtrack, which doesn't bear any relation to the music in the final game, (but I liked it :)) The final in game UI though is very much based on this mock up, and does use the concept of the scenery swapping in and out as the screens change.

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