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What’s a Website these days without a Blog? :) So being a creative dude, and not one to keep still and rest on my proverbial laurels I have added one to our BrainBoy site! I think it'll be a good place to post some bits and pieces, show what we're up to, and most importantly because we're art dude's to show some artwork!

To kick things off, I'm posting a little teaser video for a project I am working on entitled "Eden". It’s something that I have been developing on and off for a few years now. It started life after I watched a TED talk by JJ Abrams, where he described how the idea of the "Mystery Box" has always been a foundation pillar in everything that he does.

I got to thinking and came up with a scenario that I thought would be cool to do. I won't describe it here, I'll rather let the images speak for themselves...

My objective with this is to develop it into a fully-fledged exploration based computer game. Sort of a bit like "Dear Esther".

I'll be back to post some shots of the WIP 3D models, however for now here's some moody imagery. In true John Carpenter style, I also did the soundtrack :)

#MysteryBox #OvergrownCity #MysteriousJungle #DarkMoody #Exploration #Horror #Scifi #ComputerGames #Unreal4

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