Dead Cities...

Continuing on from the "Eden" concepts posted last week, I'd thought it would be interesting to show some of the early development of the 3D world.

My approach to this was to first realise the scale of a typical urban city street, albeit rather beaten up, decayed and crumbling. There is no foliage added at this point, as I wanted to see how my modular assets would hold up in the assembly of this contained street scene.

For the most part, the modular assets seem to work ok, even as untextured "whitebox" geometry. I had created a mixture of building sections, (organized into floors), as well as smaller detailed elements that could quickly provide visual detail, (pillars, wall sections, girders, beams, broken details, concrete rebar, etc, etc). The next phase of this would be to add some of the foliage (again in white box), and probably swap around the assets a little to balance things out. Where the foliage occurs and dominates, building structure can be removed etc.

The first stage as seen here was created using Unreal's UDK. The next stage will utilize Unreal4!

Once again the music is by me doing a Vangelis impression by way of my "Rosen Corporation" moniker!

The full track is here:

#DarkMoody #MysteryBox #Scifi #ComputerGames #Concept #Unreal4 #UDK #PostApocalyptic

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