The Enchanted Forest (WIP)

A few months back I had the idea of incorporating a new element to my "Eden Chronicles" project. Initially this was mainly visual in its inspiration, taking cues from the great children's illustrator Arthur Rackham.

Then one evening I was telling my 5 year old daughter an improvised bedtime story about an old wizard who lived in a forest. The part told, had a nice happy ending, but there was more to it, the remaining part was more tragic, and I decided to flesh this out further.

The recited story was written down and then transferred to rough story boards with a view to doing something in After Effects. I began the process of developing the shots with the intention of transposing a pseudo Arthur Rackham style to an animated comic. At this point a colleague of mine (Sanja Dimitrijevic) became involved and we collaborated on the visuals. I really liked her visual style and decided to let her drive the visuals (time also became an issue, and the Arthur Rackham homage idea was dropped). I designed and animated the shots in After Effects and also added effects and further treatments.

The music and sound design was created again by myself; and a speech synthesiser was used to recite the spoken narration.

This is sort of a first stab, and will be an ongoing project, and our intention is to improve and evolve further.

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