Retro Science Fiction Graphic Design

A little bit of graphic design this evening. Had the inspiration to play with an idea based around Andrey Tarkovsky's Solaris film poster. The font used is this really severe, brutalist quasi Russian Constructivist type affair, so I took a nod from that and found something along similar lines (albeit, a bit more modern, but similarly brutalist).

The rest of it is some Photoshop noodling with some shots I took recently in Wedel near Hamburg. Typical 70's style graphics, clouds, cosmic feeling, which suits the Tangerine Dream style music of my Rosen Corporation pseudonym.

Here's the tunes... its inspired by Tarkovsky's films also.

#TheRosenCorporation #GraphicDesign #Typography #TangerineDream #AndreyTarkovsky #RussianConstructivists

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