Pale Fire...

I'm still trying to wrap my head around Blade Runner 2049. In a good way. I really enjoyed that movie, it was phenomenal! Looked incredible, and the story had depth and meat that I'm still chewing on after seeing the film twice!

Whats this got to do with this image? Well, it was inspired by some of the "out of city" mega structures filling the dying landscape. Huge structures and machinery trying to maintain the last vestiges of a civilization imploding into its own techno driven demise.

It is also influenced by the rather superb concept work of Simon Stalenhag, which features abandoned machinery, robots and mega structures from "The Loop", which is set in a fictional alternate reality Sweden.

I created the image using some photo bashing techniques in Photoshop and 3D modelling in ZBrush to create the mega structures.

#BladeRunner #ZBrush #Scifi #Concept #TheRosenCorporation #SAFred #BladeRunner2049

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