1976 - Some Hypgnosis Inspired Design

After spending a few hours on a rainy Sunday looking at lots of album cover reference I zeroed in on the work of Hypgnosis and Storm Thorgerson. Previous to that I had studied a whole bunch of Tangerine Dream and Vangelis album covers. I think what I ended up with here is something of a Hypgnosis/ Tangerine Dream "Richochet" mashup; the latter in particular for the typography. The two images are from royalty free stock courtesy of Morguefile, so my hand in the design is in the image combo, typography and colour treatment.

I think this is a pretty strong design, its evocative, dreamy, and simple. Its easy to look at and the dream logic is nice and engaging. So, for a cover to one of my albums on Bandcamp, I'm happy! Its one of my better ones (and there are quite a few dodgy ones if truth be told, but in the words of Brian Eno "The point of working is not to produce great work all the time, but to be ready for when you can").

You can check out the album preview here:

#Hypgnosis #GraphicDesign #StormThorgeson #TangerineDream #Surreal #Morguefile #Typography

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