Hell in the Pacific...

"It is early morning and the sun cuts the horizon with a sharp orange blade of light that paints the rolling Pacific waves with warm hues of color. Above, the sky is dramatically up-lit, and dark clouds loom threateningly in the distance, appearing like huge abstract behemoths that unfurl wispy tendrils far across the horizon. The island of Choiseul rises up from the ocean, mostly as a silhouette, its mass of palm trees swaying gently, glistening in the early morning light."

The paragraph above is an excerpt from my "Rainbow Paradox" script. The story is set during WW2, and begins with a prologue sequence set in the Pacific theatre where a force of US Paramarines launch an attack on the island of Choiseul.

I wrote this scene to inform the creation of an image like this; something dramatic, moody, and full of dark foreboding.

This was created using mostly photo-bashing techniques in Photoshop and Painter. The most important element to achieve was this intense mood, and despite being relatively simple it more or less feels like how I described it; and how I saw it in my mind.

The title of this post is inspired by the film "Hell In The Pacific", directed by John Boorman. Its a bit of a classic! I borrowed it because I think essentially that is the mood of this piece... raising Hell...

#Sketch #MysteriousJungle #Scifi #Concept #DarkMoody #ProjectRainbow #RainbowParadox

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