Terraforming Mega-Structure

This weekend was spent making firstly some music, then a visual concept. Both were inspired by a sc-fi games concept I worked on whilst at Wayward Design in 1998-99 which had the theme of planet terraforming and aliens!

At the time I had created a number of concepts for vehicles, aliens etc, but beyond that I had also created some music inspired the ideas in the game. Listening to the tracks again recently I had the idea to try and recreate one of them, which is what I did this weekend. Additionally I created a visual concept piece to go along with it.

Its basically some photo bashing in Painter and Photoshop, and a lot of colour balancing to get that dark ominous, primordial feel. I was after the feeling of an unusual mega-structure on an alien planet, a terraforming installation. I don't think its quite resolved yet, but it sort of has the right feel, so will likely mess with it a bit further and update accordingly.

This is the music piece to accompany it!

#IdeasExploration #Vangelis #Scifi #Concept #TheRosenCorporation #Terraforming

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