More Apocalyptic Seascapes!

Continuing my work on the "Rainbow Paradox" world. This is a mood piece based on the intro scene which establishes the fictional WW2 Aircraft Carrier USS Haros. The ship has been separated from the main carrier group but a fierce storm.

I started this piece with a pure painterly approach, however since I'm still a little out of practice I ended up resorting to some photo-bashing! In the end It arrived in window of acceptability, where at least for me it gets the idea across. As with all these pieces I may come back and rework, or reimagine, but its a process and a journey, which I'm finding both interesting and enjoyable.

I guess I'm hardwired to create extreme darkness! The colour adjustments seem to make the most difference in the end, I tend to push the contrast between light and dark to the extremities. Sea could maybe be rougher, but its working for now!

I was listening to my fellow As By Eden cohort Shaun Rylands this evening whilst working on this. His music provided the perfect moody soundtrack! Here's one rather beautiful (but dark) piece.

#RainbowParadox #IdeasExploration #Scifi #ProjectRainbow #DarkMoody #Horror #Spectrumshift #ShaunRylands

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