Back to L.A. 2049...

Lately I have been consistently haunted by my impressions of Blade Runner 2049. As you may have gathered from previous posts, I really liked that film!

Its inspired several Vangelis style tribute tracks which I produced via my Rosen Corporation moniker, and now after a bit of a hiatus its influencing my artwork again. Actually, I did this for a reason, its actually working towards some album cover visuals!

All in all, its going in the right direction, though I'm not completely satisfied with it... but its a start!

Once again I created the building shapes using ZBrush. The detailing and lights were done in Photoshop, along with all the atmospherics and FX.

I'll continue the thread and try and come up with something more satisfactory, this is still in sketch territory! Buildings need to be a bit more focused.

#IdeasExploration #BladeRunner2049 #BladeRunner #Vangelis #ZBrush

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