More Storm Thorgeson Inspired Design!

Woah, on roll yesterday! I finished up my BR2049 piece (to a point where its a decent sketch), and also created this piece for my new "Stargate Sequence" release via my Rosen Corporation moniker. Once again I wanted to channel something with a surreal 70's vibe, so went in the direction of Storm Thorgeson again, though I ended up with something also hinting at Magritte.

The subject matter is also inspired "2001 A Space Odyssey", and I did try and find a way to incorporate a Black Slab, but to no avail, looked a rubbish. Went instead for the surreal portal and heavy photo filtering and effects.

The photographic elements are also comprised of two elements, one shot taken at Cheddar Reservoir in the evening, and another shot from a plane window taken whilst landing at Heathrow. This element was flipped and used as the strange sky. See below.

I also like messing with typography! I don't create fonts, but I like to source fonts that might be suitable. I was after something slightly cheesy in a 70's style direction, so a bit over the top, but also somewhat readable.

Have to say I quite like the way this one turned out, wasn't what I originally intended, but its doing the job!

#StormThorgeson #Hypgnosis #Surreal #Typography #TangerineDream #Scifi #GraphicDesign #TheRosenCorporation

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