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So, I went back to some of my earlier ZBrush sculpts, with a view to giving them the Keyshot treatment! These sculpts had a bit of a dark theme running through them... must be a general thing with artists maybe (or perhaps just me!). Anyway, its a couple of Lovecraft inspired thingy's, a Dragon head idea, and a very dark and spooky character head.

Basically, I've been having a bit of fun with Keyshot! Its a nifty bit of software, and the kind of thing I like to mess around and experiment with. So far I have only scratched the surface, also want to knock the ZBrush sculpt quality up a few notches as well.

Will divert onto my specialist subject soon, foliage...

#IdeasExploration #Surreal #Monster #Keyshot #TodashSpace #HPLovecraft #ZBrush #ArachnidLobsterMonster #Concept #TheMist

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