Abandoned Las Vegas 2049

I've been on somewhat of a mission of late to create some imagery that could be used for an album cover. The music is Vangelis inspired and is a creative response to the film Blade Runner 2049.

I have posted some Blade Runner inspired images recently which were also attempts at realising something suitable. The previous work had the right sort of feel, but were useless for a cover. In the end I opted for something that was Iconic to the sequel, and less the densely populated city scapes we all know from the original. The look I settled on was a riff off the Las Vegas sequence. The abandoned city wreathed in an oppressive red dust cloud.

Taking this approach afforded me some simplicity, it was an image now more concerned with shapes, depth and mood. I also went with something with a pyramid connotation, and framed it almost symmetrically.

Its a lot simpler than the previous images, but I'm liking it better for that, and it works for the format.

Incidentally, you can check out the music here!

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