Abandoned, Post Apocalyptic (Again...)

So, the thing is, I just couldn't let it go!

I had another blast at doing vast futuristic cityscapes, but this one went the way of the previous one... abandoned, wreathed in red dust, and well... kinda red.

That said though, I like it. It has a depth and mood which is working for me, it has evocative overtones and a loose sense of narrative, (as in, what the heck is this place?).

Its a Blade Runner 2049 riff, sort of Las Vegas again, but more something in that world's future. Maybe the desert eventually reclaims whats left of LA (the part not drowned in the Pacific). Perhaps at this point all that's left are indeed the architectural mega-structures slowly eroding into the dust...

#BladeRunner2049 #BladeRunner #Vangelis #Keyshot #ZBrush #Soundcloud #PostApocalyptic #Scifi #Concept

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