Teesside, November, 2019...

Back in June 2019 I was contacted by the organiser of the Teesside Cyberpunk Convention, an event dedicated to the film Blade Runner and its sequel Blade Runner 2049. The date of the convention coincides with the date the original film was set, November, 2019!

The contact was to ask if I would be interested in playing a live music performance at the convention. The organiser had been directed to my music (The Rosen Corporation) by the Vangelis independent fan site Elsewhere.com (to which I am most grateful). The musical style would be very much in the direction of what Vangelis produced for the original film, original music but evoking the moods of the film quite strongly.

Additionally, I was asked if I could also provide some visuals for the gig; to which I also agreed. Being an artist, and heavily inspired by Blade Runner, it was a wonderful opportunity to produce some visuals directly inspired by the film and its universe.

Fortunately I already had some work that I had produced in this direction, and promptly put together some animations in After Effects using the pieces I had created earlier. This became an initial trailer for my performance, and is already shared through the convention's social channels. You can view a slightly extended version above.

Teesside is also notable as the location of the event since its industrial landscape, in particular the heavy industry around Billingham and Middlesborough were a strong influence on Ridley Scott when he conceived the film. Hailing from Teesside, Ridley Scott has cited the influence in various interviews.

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