B 17 Navigator Compartment
B 17 Waist Compartment
B 17 Nose Compartment
B 17 Navigator instruments
Period Typewriter
Messerschmitt BF109
Focke Wulf FW190
Messerschmitt ME262
Messerschmitt ME163 Komet
Junkers JU88
B17 The Mighty 8th


I joined Wayward Design in 1998 working on the Game B17 – The Mighty 8th. My initial focus was on building low poly targets; factories, refineries and military bases, before moving onto building the high poly B17 interiors. The detail and authenticity of these interiors being helped immensely by an extensive library of reference photographs taken of the “Mary Alice” B17 at Duxford Air Museum.

I also modelled, textured and rigged the low poly in game enemy aircraft, the Messerschmitt BF109, Focke Wulf 190, Messerschmitt 262 (the first jet), and the unusual rocket plane Messerschmitt 163 “Komet”.